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December 29, 2014

The Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, I thought I’d take a look back at the year’s most popular blog posts. The topics range from social recruiting to employer branding to video marketing. I hope these articles will help you reach your target audience in your most important marketing, branding, and talent acquisition initiatives.

Thanks for reading and happy new year.

Jody Ordioni, President of Brandemix

Here are the BrandeBlog’s six most-read posts of 2014.

Social Recruiting is Still the Next Big Thing
Jobvite released its 2014 Job-Seeker Survey, speaking to 2,135 adults both in and out of the labor force. The report shows that social and mobile recruiting are still trending upwards. How can you use social media to reach top talent? Read our findings.

An Internal Communications Guidebook Will Save Your Culture
Internal communications can be challenging for large organizations. It’s sometimes difficult to speak with one voice and reflect the organization’s mission, vision, and values when corporate communications are created by many different people, sometimes in locations scattered around the world. Internal communications reinforce the business strategy to all employees, so it’s important that they’re consistent, effective, and on-brand. The solution for many organizations is to create a communications guide or toolkit. Here’s how to do it.

Employer Branding Global Trends and Surveys
Employer Brand International just released its 2014 Employer Branding Global Trends Study Report, a survey of more than 1,100 leaders from around the world. The goal was to discover how their organizations use employer branding to attract, engage, and retain talent talent, and their plans for their employer brand’s future. Here are the survey’s most important findings.

Social Media PR Disasters: Think Before You Post
Several small-scale disasters have shaken social media over the past few days, and they all have one thing in common: poor judgment. There’s something about the immediacy and brevity of Twitter and Instagram that leads brands to post with little thought to the consequences. Learn from their recent mistakes.

Nothing Engages Audiences Like Video Content
Integrated marketing success hinges on having a great website. And consistent, relevant social media. And consumable content across responsive media. But the crucial element to bringing it all to life is video. Validated in the latest surveys and best-practice case studies, it’s evident that video is truly changing the way we brand, market, inspire, and engage with our target audiences. Here are the latest statistics and discoveries.

Social Media Fun Facts
What’s the most photographed location on Instagram? The most popular tweet on Twitter? The most shared video on YouTube? The answers may surprise you — and can help you decide what content to create and share with your own audiences.Want to be more popular to job-seekers, employees, and customer?

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December 19, 2014

Season’s Greetings from Brandeland!

December 15, 2014

Insights from Brandemix’s 2014 Employer Branding Survey

Employer branding is a hot topic these days, as the job market remains hot, and companies look to compete for top talent.

While there are some great insights from polls and white papers  that talk to what goes into a compelling employment brand (recognition, rewards, career opportunities, culture, etc.) there is surprisingly little about how companies conduct their employer branding/employer value proposition initiatives.

That’s why earlier this year Brandemix polled more than 100 professionals, from HR directors to recruiting consultants to CEOs, to see how organizations plan, execute, and assess their employer branding. Here are some of its most significant findings.

Employer branding is growing in popularity

59% of our respondents had an articulated employer brand, and another 22% plan to produce one in the next 12 months. The average company in our survey conducted an employer branding initiative about 14 months ago.

Takeaway: If you don’t have an employer brand, and aren’t working to create one, you’re falling behind most of your competitors.

Small companies need employer branding as much as large companies do

While larger companies — those with 1,000 ore more employees — often possessed the budgets for more robust employer branding research, many companies with fewer than 1,000 employees saw the need for and value of a strong employer brand. 36% of smaller companies held employee focus groups, while 25% used employee surveys and 13% conducted social media audits.

Employers are looking beyond easy metrics

I was please to see that many respondents aren’t evaluating their employer branding solely on numerical metrics that are easy to track, such as time to fill and cost per hire. Though “career site traffic” was the metric that most respondents associated with employer brand, 49% also look at employee engagement and 47% consider quality of hire. It’s tempting for companies to measure themselves by simple rankings and by how they rate in “best places to work” lists, but softer metrics can actually lead to better results for the bottom line in the long run.

Budget is no longer an issue

A range of size and scope means that organizations don’t need huge budgets to conduct a successful employer branding initiative. 45% of smaller companies spent $5,000 or less on theirs, while only 19% of larger companies spent between $100,000 and $250,000. Among those who could approximate their budget, the average spend was $86,000. Interestingly, 27% of respondents couldn’t name the exact number, because their employer branding costs were bundled in another, larger project.

Vendors rule the space

61% of respondents partnered with an outside vendor on their branding initiative. My own experience has shown that neutral parties have a more realistic perspective on the company, can elicit more honest responses from employees, and possess an expertise that often doesn’t exist in-house. This results in a smoother process and more reliable findings. For more than a third of respondents, the vendor partner was selected as part of an overall corporate rebranding.

Employer branding works

Out of more than 100 respondents at organizations of all sizes, 80% consider their employer branding to be successful — bringing down costs, increasing applications from top candidates, and making them top of mind as employers of choice. Even more interesting to me is that 91% of smaller companies found their project to be successful, even though they had lower budgets. At least 58% of the time, employer branding research led to changes in social media strategy, career sites, recruiters’ toolkits, and recruitment advertising. Even the lowest-scoring categories, such as diversity messaging and benefit communications, changed at least 15% of the time.

You can download the 2014 Employer Branding Survey Results here.

Ready to launch an employer branding initiative and attract your ideal candidates while reducing time and costs? Contact me to get started.

Jody Ordioni is President of Brandemix.

December 13, 2014

Holiday Branding: Is Apple the New Coke?

From 1999 through 2013, Coca-Cola has occupied the #1 spot on Interbrand‘s list of Best Global Brands. So it’s fitting that I think of them fondly around the holidays. In fact,  Coke is credited with shaping our very image of Santa himself. After all, the big guy has appeared in Coca-Cola advertising since the 1920s. So what are they doing for the holidays this year?

Screenshot 2014-12-12 13.26.16

A look at their blog reveals some pretty fun stuff, including 12 animated gifs (one a day from now until Christmas and the creation of a special Spotify holiday playlist.


Google (#2 on Interbrand’s list) is also sharing some great fun on SantaTracker.com. Once you agree to their service terms and answer a few questions via instant message, you’ll be able to create and send custom messages from Santa himself. There’s also an entire interactive village, complete with free games and apps — one of which is just so incredible: By downloading the “Google Santa Tracker” app before Christmas Eve, you’ll be able to actually track Santa’s trek around the globe in 3-D.

So now drum roll,  #1 on the list — we know them, we love them — Apple.

Sad to say, I couldn’t really find much fanfare for the holidays, just the ability to buy more stuff. And while the branding gets an “A” for associating the name with creativity, music, art, thoughtfulness, and generosity, — I couldn’t really find much thoughtfulness,  generosity, or holiday cheer. I’ll give them a “B “for “Bah, humbug.”