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January 4, 2018

Becoming an Employer of Choice in 2018.

You’ve set New Year’s Resolutions for yourself, but have you set any for your company? This year, you only need one: strive to be an Employer of Choice. 


Why does this one resolution carry so much weight? When you become an employer of choice, you’ll see top applicants vying to work for you, competitors envy your employees, and your most talented workers stay with your company for years and years. 

Given the competitive job market, combined with the rise of the gig economy, new-normal Baby-Boomer retirements and Millennial job-hopping, being an employer of choice is the best way to gain a stronghold in today’s recruitment landscape.

So how do you become an Employer of Choice?  

The bad news is that there are a lot of factors outside of your control.

The most significant employer of choice drivers include: working in a great location and/or working for a company with prestigious name recognition or  #1  position in their marketplace.

While we can’t all be Google (they get check marks for all 3), the good news is that there are things that you can do to create a culture that elevates your position as an employer of choice.

1. Define Your Talent Brand

This means taking a close look at what people are actually saying, seeing and sharing about your company as a place to work. From those insights you will create a strong Talent Brand Architecture to be used as the foundation for all your internal and recruitment communications. For in-depth information on how to make this happen, refer to my new book, The Talent Brand: The Complete Guide to Creating Emotional Employee Buy-In for Your Organization.

2. Socialize your Talent Brand

Having a clear, articulated talent brand that promotes your culture, EVP (employer value proposition)  and talent philosophy (how you manage talent) is only half the job.

The average person has 1 to 12 intimate contacts, 150 social contacts and 500 – 1,500 weak ties. An employee population of 100 people could influence 10,000 people on the merits of working for your organization.

Make sure that each one of them not only has the information, but has contributed their thoughts on what makes your organization their employer of choice. (Don’t wait to read about it on GlassDoor).

Staying vigilant and continually working to improve the employee perception of your company, will pay off big time.

3. Focus On Career Development

With the younger generation, retention is a major problem. According to The Deloitte Millennial Survey  2017over ⅓ of millennial employees surveyed plan to leave their current job within two years. While this number is down from the previous year, it’s still a substantial percentage.

You’re not helpless in the battle for retention, however. A Gallup survey last May revealed that 87% of Millennials said professional development or career growth opportunities were very important to them in a job. The article goes on to say that “their strong desire for development is, perhaps, the greatest differentiator between them and all other generations in the workplace.” So becoming an Employer of Choice means making the most of the Millennial’s time, skills and talents.

3. Become a Culture of Choice

Focus on your company’s culture, and the candidate/employee experience. Don’t just hire for culture-fit; raise the bar and go for culture-add.

Think about what matters to the people who matter most to your organization. If you don’t know, find out, and position accordingly. Then create meaningful and personalized experiences that cater to their wants and needs of your talent pool as they go above and beyond in their work. 

Your ability to evoke a singular experience in the hearts and minds of multiple audiences will enable you to truly build awareness, consideration and preference with all your constituents, including employees and potential employees.

Your organization may or may not be sexy, well-know or a category-killer, but with the highest intentions and a steadfast plan, you can fulfill your goal to achieve Employer of Choice status. in 2018.

Good luck. Keep in touch and let me know how you’re doing.