Talent Brand Scorecard

Brandemix Talent Brand Scorecard follows the path of the candidate –

from awareness to conversion – and ranks your efforts accordingly.

Brandemix Talent Brand Scorecard will furnish you with a real & unbiased look at your company’s candidate experience through applicant journey and will be a valuable aid in moving your employer brand and EVP (employer value proposition) to a totally authentic talent brand.

Let Brandemix take a close look at your career site, job opportunities and your digital and social recruitment marketing efforts and reviews to provide you with a useful report on how you are promoting your culture and career opportunities to potential candidates.

When conducting our research we will look at all of the data points a potential candidate might find when considering you as an employer. We will follow the candidate’s journey, and capture and rank our perceptions based on how someone with minimal employer knowledge would perceive the different factors.

Some of the components we will consider are:

And more!

By understanding how you rank on key criteria, you can become more confident in building a recruitment marketing strategy and more successful in your recruiting efforts.

Talent Brand Score Card

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