Benefit Communications

An Honest Conversation is the Bridge Between Myth and Reality

Conveying the Value of Your Employee Benefits

Overwhelming, Confusing and Complicated! Aren’t Benefits Supposed to Be a Good Thing? Communicating the value of benefit plans can do more to retain top talent than offering generous coverage.

Brandemix can help improve your employees’ benefit experience with a creative communications campaign designed to engage, educate, and inform. We offer an integrated approach comprised of the best web-based and traditional methods customized to speak to your unique workforce.

Overlooked Communications within Many Organizations

Many companies are not doing much to communicate the value of their employee benefit programs. Employees are either unaware of their vast choices or are unable to understand their benefits and how they can take advantage of them. Frequently, companies limit their benefit communication efforts to specific times like recruitment, onboarding or open enrollment periods. This is a missed opportunity, and one that’s easy to change and take advantage of.

Why communicating employee benefits is imperative for your organization?

Benefits achieve the best value when they are understood and appreciated by every employee. Brandemix creates effective, exciting and specific marketing programs to make benefit communications successful. Our talented creative department simplifies and clarifies the employee benefit information corresponding to employee profiles. We present a well-crafted benefit materials to your employees in a way that they can easily understand its value.

How can we help you spreading the benefits of your company’s benefits?

Brandemix provides a professional communication expertise that helps in shaping positive employee attitudes towards your organization and the benefits it provides to the employees. It is important for your employees to realize the true value of benefits your organization. A regular benefit communication program ensures a deeper appreciation of employee benefits that has a significant impact on employee referral.

What we do?

  • Our communication experts provide crystal clear and interesting descriptions of benefit plans by creating visual materials to be presented in employee meetings.
  • We also craft design attention-getting statements providing employees with a personal summary of value of their benefits.
  • We can create a multi-prong benefit communications program customized to your employer brand and tailored to your employee demographics.

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