Wellness Programs

Brandemix does wellness very very well.

Absenteeism costs American businesses around $200 billion a year. Promoting wellness at your company not only reduces these losses but lowers your health insurance costs. You may already have bike racks in your parking lot and healthier snacks in your vending machines, but that’s not enough to increase your workers’ health and productivity.

The future of corporate wellness programs is to make them social. Brandemix can create Wellness-only microsites either on Facebook or other social sites or on your company’s intranet. These viral pages will allow employees to check contest deadlines, share advice, and give each other encouragement.

Brandemix will consider all technology trends and social aspects when we create or redesign your company’s wellness program. From Facebook to games to old-fashioned face-to-face “social networking,” making your corporate wellness program social can keep your employees engaged, productive, and healthy.

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