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July 12, 2017

Do Gig Economy Workers Want to Work for You?

The gig economy has been on the rise for long time, but what exactly is it?

As you may know, many Americans these days aren’t traditionally employed as in years past. Some blame the economy while others cite the increase of Millennials in the workforce, but regardless of cause, the truth is this: more people than ever before are choosing to balance their work, life and interests through taking on temp jobs, side-jobs and/or short-term assignments.

Because of this, employers are finding themselves in a uniquely 21st century predicament…how do they attract and retain top talent in a short-term world?

It may serve you well to first considers whether you’d like to appeal to those seeking a new way of life and livelihood.

Determine Your Talent Philosophy. 

Explore your organization’s appetite for hiring the best person for the job, knowing you may only have them for less than a year. Is that better for business, or should you look to move forward with a candidate less talented who may remain for a longer tenure?

There is no right or wrong answer.

The answer is not as important as having an answer because trying too hard to market the position to 100% of job seekers may lead to hiring someone who isn’t necessarily the right fit.

Regardless of whether you’re seeking to fill a long or short-term position, it’s essential to be completely transparent about your expectations.

Market the Drivers of Attraction.

Many top-tier companies are offering benefits like unlimited sick days, a fully-stocked kitchen, or commuter reimbursements to attract outstanding employees. Yes, this might require a large company budget, but even if you’re financially unable to compete with huge corporations, even seemingly small perks may make a potential candidate consider an opportunity that they may have otherwise skimmed over.

In this gig-economy, professionals are looking to set their own hours and craft a schedule around what works for their lifestyle. Typical roles generally may not offer that amount of freedom, but employers of choice are realizing that perks and flexibility is a big factor in what will attract and retain high-level talent.

Find Your Thought-Leading Champions for a New Way of Life. 

If you are an organization that can truly embrace and adapt to a new way of thinking for the new ways of working, this will be a great differentiator, and should be a pillar of your talent brand.

Is your Chief Technology Officer onboard? Let people know. Is your organization looking to make it a unique career-building experience for  those who join for however long?  Have your CEO become a brand-building spokesperson.

Early adopters will reap the benefits of the Free-Agent Marketplace.

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