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Brandemix builds Employer Brands that connect employees and potential employees to your organization’s career opportunities, culture, and business goals. We do this through employer branding, recruitment marketing, advertising, internal communications and social media. Our expertise spans every touchpoint in the talent management cycle from attraction through engagement.

We understand the importance of a strong employer brand, and take on the complete responsibility of ensuring that your organization and work culture is projected in the most desirable light.

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Rapid Cycle Employer Branding

While savvy HR and talent acquisition professionals agree that employer branding is the first step in attracting and engaging high-performing talent,

they often lack the time, resources or budget to move forward quickly and efficiently. That’s why we’ve created Rapid-Cycle Employer Branding, starting at $10,000.

Employer Brand Research/Analysis

Research is the first step of employer brand development. This is where the brand journey truly begins. We discover key insights that play a pivotal role for building successful brand strategy.

The data we compile forms the foundation of your organization’s reputation, culture, rewards, opportunities, and integrity. Brandemix conducts a full scope of market studies to observe and record the social behavior of internal and external influencers of your organization. We use this to create your employee value proposition (EVP).

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Employer Brand Architecture

Brandemix branding professionals have deep expertise in establishing the differentiators and experiences that shape an authentic brand.

Our employer branding process concentrates on the most significant relationships between the corporate brand and it’s people, products and services. From these insights, we build the brand architecture from employer vision to the employer value proposition (EVP).

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Employer Value Proposition

An employer value proposition (EVP) is the single-minded expression of the unique set of benefits of working for your organization.

It enhances your appeal as an employer and secures the best talent. By building an EVP that recognizes and motivates your workforce, you can win greater visibility that attracts talented passive candidates.

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Employer Brand Positioning

Employer brand positioning develops the perception of your organization’s characteristics and image as an employer. Employees and executive leaders are the most trusted sources

for evangelizing your company to potential hires.

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Employer Brand Activation

Employer brand activation includes all the communication activities in both the real and digital worlds that create a bond between your organization and its current and prospective employees.

Through education and interactive exercises, your workers will make the shift from understanding the employer brand architecture to becoming true brand ambassadors — a talented body of engaged professionals actively promoting your employer value proposition through their professional and social networks.

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