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Rapid Cycle Employer Branding


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From your employee vision–the shared reason you’re all working together, through your pillars of differentiation and finally to the employer value proposition, you’ll have an authentic employer brand architecture that will attract, educate, inspire the core people that you need to implement your business goals–and supported by the stakeholders that you select as being critical to the success of your initiative.

    •  Represent the real reasons people work at your company and stay at your company
    •  Promote what actually differentiates you from your competition–as a company and an employer
    •  Craft or enhance the corporate mission, vision and values or take existing findings to the next stage

Some of What’s Included!


Completely Customizable!

Brandemix rapid-cycle  branding methodology is completely customizable.
    •  Brand your recruitment, engagement or change initiatives
    •  Uncover the brand of your HR department
    •  Provide a solid Employer Brand and EVP framework that supports any large talent initiatives

Whether you’re looking to embark on a new talent or change management initiative, or just want to quickly reconfirm or refresh your current employer brand, rapid-cycle talent branding is tailor-made for you. 

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