Diversity Recruitment

At Brandemix, we can help you source, recruit and infuse the best racially diverse talent into your organization by designing and deploying a strategy representing your culture, values and employer brand voice. Our strategic, multi-cultural approach  follows a simple 4-part process: Define, Align, Design and Refine. Using behavioral marketing information gleaned from focus groups with your internal champions, a personalized, multi tiered  campaign including, print, events, digital and social components is implemented on your behalf. This has been proven to yield culturally competent communications and measurable results.

Recruiting and responding to a diverse audience requires more than posting jobs in diverse media. Rather, it is an
internal commitment to provide organisational support to diverse cultures, and developing, communicating and
adhering to a diversity mission. To help in this process we would work with clients as follows:

Conduct Brand Audit
– Intake from Key Stakeholders, including current staff, Human Resources and Line Managers
– Survey internal/external populations focusing on diversity awareness, diversity advocates & competitive differentiation
– Conduct competitive analysis in order to uncover market position gaps
– Prepare a written assessment including; learned consensus, a SWOT analysis and creative brief
– Define objectives and metrics
– Define diversity mission

Conduct Creative Audit/ Creative Development
– Review existing materials based on brand audit findings- prepare gap analysis
– Refine/develop creative and materials to conform to findings
– On-going measurement of employer brand position in all agreed markets

Conduct Media Audit
– Research media that would appeal to specific target groups

Process Management
– Brainstorm best and most creative diversity advertising techniques
– Establish a PR program, strategy, media strategy, confirm budget, timelines and required collateral.
– Execute creative strategy and the required tactical items for web, mobile and social
– Develop and maintain employee toolkit of forms, calendars, ads etc.
– Internal culturization kick-off

Process Improvement
– Develop correspondence based on areas of interest
– Develop relationship building/sticky factors to drive interest to employment
– Implement a post offer survey to identify success factors and roadblocks
– Establish follow-up and monitoring program against established metrics to measure success

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