Employee Referral Programs

It’s no surprise that Employee Referrals are the best, most cost effective sources of external hires. It’s been well-documented that people (employees, vendors, alumni, etc) make more qualified referrals because the people they refer are seen as reflections of themselves. But Employee Referral Programs also contribute to reducing turnover. People that “sell” others on their company are also subliminally “re-selling” themselves by continually reciting all the reasons they like working there. It keeps the Employer Value Propositions top of mind.

Successful employee referrers also contribute to creating a better internal culture. Chances are, they’ve just received a sweet wad of cash for successfully recommending their friend or former colleague, and now the two may be found happily exchanging productive ideas or work anecdotes at happy hour.

The tangible and intangible benefits from a successful Employee Referral Program should make revamping yours first on your to-do list. Brandemix can help. By integrating award-winning creative with best-in-class employer branding and state-of-the-art technology, Brandemix can turn up the heat on hiring high-potentials and increase both employee engagement and employee retention.

Referral Ready?

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