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Internal Communications aren’t about telling employees what to think, they’re about creating and enabling authentic ongoing dialogues with and between them.

Extending your brand through internal communications is the best way to build employee engagement and commitment. Brandemix, an internal communications agency based in New York, can help. Through our 4-phase process Define, Align, Design and Refine we can build internal communications programs that promote your business objectives, tell employees the forces driving it and keep them up to date on what they may have to change.

Whether you’re implementing an enterprise-wise IT software system or trying to de-mystify the new employee health benefit options, employees want to know what’s in it for them. If you’re responsible for creating & managing a rich content stream across your organization let Brandemix help you build relevant, meaningful internal communications plans that work.

Why internal communications play an integral role is building strong bond with employees?

Smart leaders recognize that the most effective communications today are conversations, rather than a series of commands. Conversations invite responses and reactions through online communications, face-to-face meetings or social media. This leads to greater engagement as they demonstrate that the leadership really cares about what employees think. As a result, it creates a greater sense of engagement with the company.

Frequent internal communications will make employees everywhere. feel that they are the part of your organization. Informing them about strategies, successes. And changes you are making within the organization creates a feeling of belonging in employees’ heart. They feel more associated and connected with the organization. We help you build such strong relationships by designing an effective internal communications strategy for your company that can help you:

  • Engage employees.
  • Communicate to connect with employees.
  • Build strength from inside out.
  • Collaborate with teams to deliver best results.

How can we help you carry out effective internal communications that can reach to every employee?

Brandemix believes that high-performance cultures don’t just happen, they are built strategically through meaningful experiences. We work with companies to engage employees, tackle communications challenges and drive organizational success by uncovering the opportunities to improve the way you communicate with your employees. We make use of best-in-class practices to develop and execute:

  • The messaging that drive awareness, understanding and action.
  • Internal brands that rally employees, inspire their actions and create brand ambassadors.
  • Communication plans to establish an appropriate cadence of information, inspiration and dialogue to drive behavior change.
  • Tools that activate leaders and capable employees across organizations.


Why are internal communications important to a company?

Effective internal communications within the organization ensure that all employees of the company are working collaboratively towards a common goal. It creates a cohesive culture while empowering the employees to make correct decisions in line with organizational goals.

What are the functions of internal communications?

Internal communications are all about promoting active communications among the employees of an organization. It involves producing and delivering messages and engagement campaigns on behalf of management, as well as facilitating a dialogue with the people making up the organization.

What type of internal communications a company must thrive?

An organization should thrive for five types of internal communications – Leadership, Peer-to-Peer, Team and Project collaboration, group chats and resources libraries.

What is an internal communication strategy?

Any internal communications strategy must define the business goals in communicating with staff and plan the activities essential for achieving these goals. It is the actual blueprint to guide you to internal communications success.

What is the role of internal communication team?

The eternal role of internal communications team is to ensure that the employees of the organization are kept motivated and informed. They do this by carrying out communications through several channels such as staff intranet, social media, email bulletins and regular newsletters.

How Brandemix implements internal communication strategy?

Brandemix assess your internal communication strategy and identify the key metrics to track success. It sets realistic goals and timelines, map out the audience, creates an approval process, identify the internal communications tools and finally evaluate the progress to optimize the strategy.

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