Mobile Recruitment Marketing

Brandemix can create solutions where the size, content and usability of a career site automatically adjusts to the screen of a particular mobile device. We can make completing a job application on an iPhone quicker and easier than people think. 70% of active job-seekers use their mobile device as their primary tool for job searches. Mobile-enabled sites make sense if you’re serious about attracting top talent.

Mobile recruitment marketing also lets you get very precise about candidate targeting. Brandemix uses digitally advanced location-based mobile advertising to zoom in on specific demographics, locations, or communities for maximum impact.

When it comes to the “softer” task of warming passive job seekers to your brand and gradually encouraging them to interact in communities, mobile is also very effective. It’s perfect for those little real-time interactions that grow relationships and enhance reputations. All the big social media sites are smartphone compatible. Even simple tools like SMS and MMS reach 95% of mobile users, and 90% of those messages get read within three minutes of arriving. And ads perform up to five times better in key metrics such as favorability and brand awareness when viewed on mobiles and tablets compared to other platforms.Brandemix can conceive, design, build and test apps for graduates and experienced hires, covering everything from pre-screening to interview tips to virtual tours to circuit training. Contact us for details.

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