Employee Communications Development

As a consumer, as an employee, as a person living anywhere in the 21st century, we are bombarded with a myriad of messages throughout each day. This makes it challenging for any Corporate/Internal Communications professional to make sure that their messages are getting through, getting understood, and getting acted on.

At Brandemix we take a carefully crafted process to our employee communications development work, beginning with launching a thorough analysis of your current content and communication calendars. This may include some or all of the following:

Talent Acquisition Materials:

Onboarding Materials

Employee Engagement Materials

Corporate communications

Our Employee Communications Process:


We first analyze and evaluate the content and distribution, and then deliver a report of findings and recommendations that enable you to streamline, monitor, and improve the quality and quantity of your employee communications efforts across all audiences.

We compile, organize and assess each with the employee journey to uncover current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Our findings in this stage will allow us to gain more insight and information on key points.


Once we have collected enough data and gained enough insight to properly diagnose your efforts, we will create and curate the appropriate communications assets and actionable plan toenable you to streamlineand improve your assets, outreach and employee experience.


“Data has a better idea” and our forensic communication specialists will dig deeply into the results of your output. Metrics are determined at the start of each of our employee communications engagements and we will closely monitor each of your efforts against these pre-established benchmarks.

Our talent branding benchmarks are:

Authenticity– Does it appeal to a wide variety of audiences and does it truly represent the expectatons, benefits and employee experience you desire?

Alignment: Is it aligned with your corporate brand, mission, values and and business objectives? Is it globally consistent, yet flexible enough to accommodate different regional and talent segments?

Is it differentiated– will it disrupt, educate and inform?

Is it emotive? Will it inspire people to take action?

But most imporantly- have you engaged?Are people sharing, attending, liking, registering, learning, commenting, asking questions and taking actions?

If so, we have succeeded.