Employer Value Proposition

The employer value proposition is the single-minded expression of the unique set of benefits of working for your organization. It’s clear, it’s concise, and it allows candidates and employees to know exactly what they are (or will) be working towards.

It’s no different from the consumer brand you present to your customers – it’s the central principle that aligns all efforts. Thinking long-term, it’s potentially even more important than the consumer brand, because this is a promise you keep with employees 40 hours a week for years, and even decades.

Much more than a tagline, the Employer Value Proposition may never appear in any of your digital or printed materials. It is the essence of your culture and very much connected to your corporate brand, mission, vision and values. How it is articulated may be different for different audiences, geographies or channels – but the essence is always the same.

What We Consider in Finding an Employer Value Proposition:

  • Current perceptions from internal and external sources
  • The benefits and culture that would attract your ideal candidate pool
  • Involving employees from all levels with ideation and first-hand research efforts
  • Involving the leadership with both development and implementation of the Employer Value Proposition
  • How to implement the new efforts into the existing infrastructure and/or
  • How the current employee infrastructure may need to adapt to align with the new Employer Value Proposition
  • How to market the new Employer Value Proposition to embrace and engage both current and potential employees
  • How to integrated the Employer Value Proposition with the current consumer brand to ensure a harmonic convergence of both the candidate and customer experiences.

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