Your Employer Value Proposition
Use the Essence of your Culture to Attract the best Talent because Nothing is More Important than the People That You Hire

Employer Value Proposition

The employer value proposition is the single-minded expression of the unique set of benefits of working for an organization. It’s clear, it’s concise, and it allows candidates and employees to know exactly what they are (or will) be working towards.

It’s no different from the consumer brand you present to your customers – it’s the central principle that aligns all efforts. Thinking long-term, it’s potentially even more important than the consumer brand, because this is a promise you keep with employees 40 hours a week for years.

Why Creating a Powerful Employer Value Proposition should be your Core Goal?

Attracting, hiring and retaining talent is the biggest challenge for HR professionals these days. It is important for every organization to build a solid employer value proposition to help their talent management teams to attract the best talent. EVP is an effective way of communicating the perks a candidate can leverage while working with your organization. The organizations with a well-crafted employer value proposition always tend to attract, hire and retain top talent. A strong EVP is critical for two reasons:

  • It offers a comprehensive look into every position, making sure the role is attractive to top talent and letting the candidate to discover reasons why he/she should work with an organization.
  • It elevates your employer branding efforts making your organization a desirable landing point for top talent. The fact that you have an authentic and fruitful EVP is what candidates will find attractive and eventually helping build a Talent Brand Scorecard.

What does the research say?

An Employer Value Proposition posted on your company’s website has a quantifiable impact on your company’s bottom line. According to a research, a well-crafted EVP can improve the commitment levels of your new hires by 52%. Not only this, it reduces the compensation premium your company pays to hires and increase your labor market penetration as well. Moreover, it decreases annual employee turnover up to 70%.

What does the research say?

How we can help you craft your Employer Value Proposition?

We work towards a common goal i.e. building a company that people love. We help you communicate your culture, values, mission and goals across the internet so that it reaches right candidates who are the best fit for your organization.

How we can help you craft your Employer Value Proposition?

What we do?

  • Analyze what your employees expects and value in employment relationships.
  • Design an authentic and meaningful EVP with the help of your employees.
  • Communicate the EVP in a way that resonates with both existing and potential employees.
  • Integrate the EVP as a concept that’s regularly reflected upon by leaders and employees.
  • Measure and improve the EVP as part of your ongoing strategic cycle.

What We Consider in Finding an Employer Value Proposition:

  • Current perceptions from internal and external sources
  • The benefits and culture that would attract your ideal candidate pool
  • Involving employees from all levels with ideation and first-hand research efforts
  • Involving the leadership with both development and implementation of the Employer Value Proposition
  • How to implement the new efforts into the existing infrastructure and/or
  • How the current employee infrastructure may need to adapt to align with the new Employer Value Proposition
  • How to market the new Employer Value Proposition to embrace and engage both current and potential employees
  • How to integrate the Employer Value Proposition with the current consumer brand to ensure a harmonic convergence of both the candidate and customer experiences.
What We Consider in Finding an Employer Value Proposition

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