Campus Recruiting

Brandemix is uniquely poised to help companies in their campus recruiting efforts, since  we are at the intersection of employer branding and  interactive recruitment marketing. Students are looking have meaningful engagements with their future employers.  How well you communicate your employer value proposition will become your competitive differentiation when looking to hire the best and brightest minds on campus.

Let Brandemix help with your global campus recruiting efforts.  Our campus recruiting programs mix traditional media channels with other techniques that go beyond traditional media advertising – for example event planning, sponsorships, search engine optimization, website development, e-mail blasts, mobile recruiting and interactive targeting. Our planning tools ensure that all activity is fully coordinated at all times, giving you the presence you require across the globe, including:

Strategic planning
– Review existing campus program/results
– Research the key schools across verticals
– Understand the key Faculty/Student Association players
– Identify  campus alumni ambassadors
– Develop metrics to evaluate Campus Recruiting Program

On-campus brand audit
– Measurement of  brand recognition on campus across verticals
– Analysis of your competitor activities on campus
– On-going measurement of  employer brand position in all agreed markets
– Analysis of competitor activity
– Media habits survey

Creative Audit//Development
– Review existing materials based on Brand audit findings- prepare gap analysis
– Refine/develop materials to conform to findings
– Campus presentation, brochures, e-cards, give-aways, correspondence

Media Audit
– Research media on and around target campuses
– Review and evaluate existing proposals and media spend to evaluate effectiveness
– Develop campus recruitment media plan

Event Management
– Schedule presentation and interview dates
– Send brochures and merchandise to schools and interested applicants from other events
– Send appropriate materials and representation to campus
– Develop and maintain employee toolkit of forms, calendars, ads etc.

Relationship Building
– Identify key Candidates of Choice from program drivers
– Develop correspondence based on areas of interest
– Develop relationship building/sticky factors to drive interest to employment, including microsites, mobile strategies, contests and social media

Process Improvement
– Implement a post offer survey to identify success factors and roadblocks
– Monitor program against established metrics to measure success


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