Corporate Social Responsibility

Reputation branding is all about aligning your company’s Corporate Social Responsibilities with your business strategy. Here’s how Brandemix can help. By defining your brand’s higher purpose we can identify the most appropriate ways for show your commitments and beliefs through a strategic corporate social responsibility program. Over time, this is a proven way to establish relationships with like-minded audiences and build your reputation as a trusted organization. Whether you’re looking to impact your community, your customer segments or the world, Brandemix’s strategic process- define, design, align and refine, will walk you through the various decision trees and create an ongoing program that will bring your CSR plan to life internally and externally.

Brandemix makes contributions to Kiva, a nonprofit organization that enables people to extend microloans over the web to low-income entrepreneurs in struggling communities. We chose Kiva out of many other microlending sites because eighty percent of its recipients are women, who are sometimes single-handedly supporting large families. As a certified woman-owned business enterprise, we believe in strengthening women around the world.

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