Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment advertising has morphed from the classified help wanted ads to sophisticated recruitment marketing campaigns that combine stellar employer branding with technology and precision targeting. While integrated ATS modules can serve your job reqs to appropriate job boards, true effectiveness is achieved only through diligent media planning and a true understanding of your  specific wants and openings.

This is where Brandemix excels. Brandemix is a recruitment marketing agency based out of New York that build and execute recruitment marketing plans that meet your talent needs, your budget requirements and most of all your timelines. (We know you need them yesterday!) Our online media experts can analyze the response data in real time, and dial up what’s working and what’s not.

Whether you’re building a new sales team in Singapore, a college recruiting program in Cali or a corps of IT pro’s for devoted to your ecommerce needs, Brandemix can help.

Our combination of strategies, excellent creative and a complete understanding of the hiring process will enhance the candidate experience along with the hiring results.

There is no recruitment marketing agency that can provide ‘one size fits all’ solutions. The right recruitment marketing is often a delicate blend of selecting the right media portals, portraying the organization appropriately, devising effective campaigns etc. If done right, it can save enormous hiring and marketing costs and time by eliminating unwanted applicants who self-select themselves out in the very first stages of consideration

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