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According to Social Media today, 87% of B2B buyers say content has an impact on vendor selection; more than a quarter (27%) say it has a “major impact. As the choices of social media content marketing grow more vast, and audiences grow more fragmented, chances are you may need some expertise and guidance. Brandemix social media profile design and management capabilities will allow you to focus on your business and not your Facebook page. Following our 4-step methodology: DEFINE, ALIGN, DESIGN and REFINE, we will create a social brief and communications plan that delivers on your business goals AND your social goals. Our interactive architects and web designers will work with your brand assets to ensure that your profile design is integrated with your brand guidelines.

No time to stay ahead of trends? No problem. We love social and bring the appropriate trends and choices to you.

No time for social media management? No problem. Brandemix interactive brand planners will create a calendar of social messaging and monitor social reach, chatter and influence on a daily basis. We work as part of internal team to deliver branded messages and create true engagement across all the latest social channels.

Contact us to day to find out about how Brandemix can help you with your social profile design and management.

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