Employee Development 360s

As specialists in employee communications and change management, Brandemix supports tools that Talent Management professionals need to quickly change employee behaviors and drive business success. That’s why we recommend the OPTM 360.

Far from the typical employee assessment tools that rarely create behavior change, the OPTM 360 is a fast, focused, practical tool created by best-selling author of One-Page Talent Management, Marc Effron.

The OPTM360 instantly focuses employees on their three priorities for change and tells them exactly how to improve those behaviors. After reading their OPTM360’s first two pages, employees have exactly the information they need to take action.

The OPTM360 eliminates the negative reactions caused by typical 360s and any excuses a manager might use to avoid changing their behavior. Even better, the survey itself takes less than 10 minutes to complete. This allows more raters to participate and shows your organization that helping their colleagues improve can be fast and pain-free.

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