Employer Brand Research/Analysis

Since it’s more art than science, employer brand research and analysis is where Brandemix employer branding experts really shine.

It takes experience, insight, and creativity to turn employer brand research into tangible business results. At Brandemix, we have all three. It helps that we aren’t  afraid to hear the truth about what’s going on within your culture.  Subjects can be completely honest,  and we can turn negative discussions into positive opportunities.

We will analyze the data against your business goals and  create unique messaging and marketing plans that resonate with multiple target groups.

Though brand research professionals have more tools available now than ever before, it’s still only through careful consideration of objectives, timeline, and budget that a sensible plan emerges. Employer brand research can lead to more questions, but every question can lead to new opportunities to capture market share in ways never before considered.

That’s why we do it! Let us do it for you.

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