Case Study: Good Neighbor Organics

Good Neighbor Organics

Our greenhouses at Camp Jened in Rock Hill, New York, are now producing basil, cilantro, lettuce, parsley, and other greens for local restaurants and markets. The work is sustainable, locally sourced, and provides meaningful, interesting work for individuals with developmental disabilities.

We’d love for you to come see the process for yourself. It’s a great opportunity to meet the workers, take photos, and learn about Good
Neighbor, so you can pass information on to anyone who might need our services. We’ll produce greens and vegetables year-round.

Good Neighbor Organics
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Good Neighbor Organics: Sustainably Grown Produce From Rock Hill, New York.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Develop a farmer-to-consumer relationship
  • Support the local economy
  • Advance the mission of Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State
  • Eat seasonally
  • Discover new tastes and healthy alternatives

Our People

Good Neighbor Organics is a non-profit company affiliated with Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State. Our workforce is comprised of people with differing abilities who are motivated by the opportunity for meaningful work and want to help provide a healthy lifestyle for their neighbors.

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