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January 26, 2015

How B2B Businesses Can Win at Social Media

A new study by Sirius Decisions found that only 50% of B2B use social media, and just 10% of those companies see business value from their efforts. But social marketing is crucial for B2B brands, and good strategies can make your organization stand out. Here are some best practices.

Support corporate customers as if they were people

B2B companies sometimes forget the more personal aspect of their marketing efforts. But even if your average customer is a global shipping company, it’s still made up of people who want to be engaged, informed, and entertained. Business-operations brands such as Cisco and Constant Contact all have Twitter accounts dedicated to customer support. Their successful profiles (more than 65,000 followers for Cisco) prove that you don’t have to be a “fun” consumer-facing brand like JetBlue or Tasti D-Lite to reach out to fans and respond to their questions and complaints.

Great content always succeeds.

Even “boring” companies can create great social media content that engages current customers and creates awareness among potential partners. For example, commercial real estate company CBRE rises above what could be boring material to showcase beautiful architecture and skylines on Instagram. General Electric has a board on Pinterest called “Badass Machines.” Hootsuite hosts training videos on YouTube, perhaps in response to IDG Connect B2B’s recent survey that found 89% of IT buyers are looking for educational content. Share behind-the-scenes photos, “leak” upcoming news on Twitter, create a Vine video of your employees wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day or Independence Day or Thanksgiving. In most cases, photos and videos and posts don’t have to be perfect — or approved by the CEO — to be shared on social channels.